eReg is the ultimate power saver. It uses your webcam to detect if you are looking at your screen, turn it black if you don't look at your webcam or type on your keyboard after x seconds, and turn it on if you do.


It can also gives the option trigger your screensaver or lock your screen. You do not need to tweak windows parameters anymore, the program will now activate your screen only if you need it.


With eReg you can:

- Turn your screen black
- Lock your screen automatically
- Start a screensaver

All of this using the included advanced eye detection system.


Tutorial Video




eReg is easy to use and can save the battery life of your laptop or help decreasing the overall consumption of your computer.


By default the timeout is 10 seconds, but you can increase it as much as you want.


Supported languages:


. English

. French

. Spanish

. German

. Croatian

. Italian

. Chinese

. Japanese

. Portuguese




. Lock your computer automatically after resuming from the screensaver

. Close the program to system Tray

. Launch the software with Windows

. Minimize application at startup

. Test the eye detection system


 Screensaver features


None: Disable the screensaver function

Lockscreen: Lock the screen automatically at timeout

Black Screen: Turn the screen black but not disabled


On Windows: Trigger Bubbles, Mystify on Ribbons screensaver at timeout

On osx: Start the default screensaver as setup in settings

Powerful eye detection system using OpenCV.

Operating system Windows 7,8 & 10 - osx 10.13 and above
 To do list

. Empty at the moment, but feel free to submit your feedback



Change Log


Version 5.11.0 (05/04/18):

- Perfomance & stability update

- Webcam & input devices hotplug supported

- Eye detection accuracy improved

- Lots of bug fixes & code optimization

- Can trigger Windows Bubbles, Mytify or Ribbons screensavers

- New display pipeline for webcam's video

- Increased multithreading

- Now compatible with osx (10.13 minimum)


Version 3.11.0 (28/02/18):

- OpenCV & SDL libraries updated

- Bug fixes and speed improvement


Version 3.10.0 (19/08/17):

- OpenCV 3.3 support

- Multithreading optimisation


Version 3.9.0 (08/04/17):

- Performance optimisation

- Reduced installer file size

- Improved compatibility with webcams


Version 3.8.4 (18/03/17):

- Mouse move detection


Version 3.8.3 (26/02/17):

- Various optimization


Version 3.8.2 (24/02/17):

- Fixed hangs at screensaver start


Version 3.8.1 (24/02/17):

- Adaptative webcam eye search

CPU optimisation


Version 3.8.0 (20/02/17):

- First official release