eReg is the ultimate power saver. It uses your webcam to detect if you are looking at your screen, turn it off if you don't look at your webcam or type on your keyboard, and trun it on if you do.


It can also gives the option trigger your screensaver or lock your screen. You do not need to tweak windows parameters anymore, the program will now activate your screen only if you need it.


Tutorial Video



   eReg is an easy to use software which can save the battery life of your laptop.

Supported languages


. English, French, Spanish, German, Croatian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese




. Lock your computer automatically

. Launch your screensaver

. Close the program to system Tray

. Launch the software with Windows

. Minimize at startup

. Test the eye detection system


 By default the timeout is 10 seconds, but you can increase it as much as you want.
   You can press the start/stop button to activate or disable the detection.
Operating system  Windows 7,8 & 10
 To do list

. Empty at the moment, but feel free to submit your feedback



Change Log



Version 3.10.0 (19/08/17):

- OpenCV 3.3 support

- Multithreading optimisation


Version 3.9.0 (08/04/17):

- Performance optimisation

- Reduced installer file size

- Improved compatibility with webcams


Version 3.8.4 (18/03/17):

- Mouse move detection


Version 3.8.3 (26/02/17):

- Various optimization


Version 3.8.2 (24/02/17):

- Fixed hangs at screensaver start


Version 3.8.1 (24/02/17):

- Adaptative webcam eye search

CPU optimisation


Version 3.8.0 (20/02/17):

- First official release